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EXHIBITION : Chrysalis Gallery is delighted to present PLACES an Exhibition of paintings by JILL KEMPSON

Kempson’s exhibition combines paintings inspired by journeys to France and Japan. Her imaginative conception of her subject and technical rendering of it give an atmospheric realism to these landscapes and street-scales.

“Jill Kempson is an artist who transcends the succession of styles and art genres. A key reason for this is Jill’s continuation of the artistic tradition of the Grand Tour. Thanks to her travels and her studies of the old masters, she has been able to assimilate, then go beyond, the ‘models’, while developing her own vision and style.” -- French curator, writer and researcher Partrick Le Chanu

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JOHN WALLER at the Sofitel Foyer Gallery Melbourne October 2013

On show now. CHRYSALIS is delighted to bring you a selection of signature works by this outstanding mid career artist. Includes Oils, Mixed Media and Etching. Open 7 days a week. Director Delwyn Freestone is at the Sofitel by appointment and looks foward to meeting you to there. Please call her to arrange a time

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GEORGE MATOULAS - The Inventions of Man

Opening Date Thursday 1st March 6 - 8 pm
Exhibition Open from Ist to 31st March 2012
Full exhibition online now
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Installation Currently on Display

The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne
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Opening Tuesday 30th October

Dates 30th October to 21st November


Exhibiting 42 recent paintings and drawings

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Tiffany McNab

'Midden' is comprised of watercolours and etchings which reveal her deep interest in the natural world expressed through still life compositions of found objects.
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KRISTIN HEADLAM A Domestic Sublime

Exhibition dates: 1 September – 1 October 2011

Kristin Headlam's exhibition A Domestic Sublime is comprised of a suite of etchings firmly based in the tradition of drawing.
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ANDREW GUNNELL Branch Limb and Line

Exhibition dates: 1 September – 1 October

Comprised of more than 25 pieces ranging from large oils on canvas to small engravings on paper.
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David Moore Paintings 2010

The exhibition is comprised of 50 paintings, oil on canvas. All but a handful are still life paintings. In the two years since his last exhibition Moore has produced a body of work that addresses the nature of painting.
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Ronnie & Louisa Lawson

An exhibition of works by senior members of the Lajamanu community, Ronnie & Louisa Lawson.
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Deborah Klein - Natural Histories

In recent years Deborah Klein has been investigating traditional fairytales, mythology, fables and folklore. The paintings, drawings, linocuts  and plaster masks that make up this exhibition emanate from her fascination and passion for her subject.
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John Ryrie

Drawn from works made over the last 12 years the exhibition is comprised of 36 works and features 23 black and white linocuts, the hallmark of Ryrie’s oeuvre. John was awarded the Grand Prize in the 2009 Silk Cut Award.
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Robert Hawkins

An exhibition of sculptures by Robert Hawkins.
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Paula McLoughlin

In this series of etchings time and space are expansive - the observer becomes the sentinel as boats, lights and a runaway kite are dwarfed by the surface of the sea.
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Tiffany McNab

Through the juxtaposition of unusual and often unexpected combinations of objects, animals, insects and environments, Tiffany’s images play with our expectation of the everyday.
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5X5 - Jamie Boys, Andrew Gunnell, Robert Hawkins, Miranda Leighfield, Marise Maas

A vibrant collection of works demonstrating each artists strong engagement with their chosen mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking & sculpture.
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Anita von Bibra

14 paintings based on Anita von Bibra's experience of the journey on the road from city to country.
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Collected works

An Exhibition of works from the Chrysalis collection.
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Ian Armstrong - Selected Works from the Armstrong Collection

Featuring works from the Armstrong family collection, this exhibition is a rare opportunity to view and collect works by this acclaimed Australian artist. In opening the exhibition Helen Brack observed: "This exhibition has many tiny gems of painting, some wonderful concise sketches, and isn’t it interesting how Ian takes a straight depiction of a landscape, but transforms it by his particular use of lines."
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Ian Armstrong, Kristin Headlam, Robert Jacks

Chrysalis is delighted to offer prints from the collected works of these three most accomplished printmakers.
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Jim Pavlidis - Dream Home 2007

‘Dream Home’ is a series of portraits of Greek citizens who, having emigrated to Melbourne and spent many subsequent years here, decided to return to Greece permanently.
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Jim Pavlidis - New Works 2007

A collection of works by Jim Pavlidis from 2007
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Jim Pavlidis - Piraeus, Girt by Sea

Piraeus, Girt by Sea continues my recent theme of Greek migration to Melbourne via two distinct bodies of work: Painted portraits of Greek-Melburnians, and prints based on poems by Tom Petsinis.
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Jiri Tibor Novak - The Complete Gardener

The Complete Gardener, an exhibition by Jiri Tibor Novak. December, 2007
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John Spooner - New Works 2007

The exhibition includes 15 acrylic works on canvas, a suite of etchings and drypoints, and 32 cartoons.
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John Waller - New Works 2007

New Works 2007 and exhibition by John Waller.
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Summer Days 2011

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, lithographs, etching, engraving and linocuts in a stimulating mix of genres and styles - a companionable group.
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Flood Light 2011

The narrative and accompanying series of images in ‘Flood Light’ explore the process of an individual responding to a radically changing reality. The response is one of vulnerability and resilience rather than that of heroism and solutions.
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