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Caring for your artwork

Caring for your artwork

Artworks are precious. Frame them, hang them, handle them with care:


  • The best way to take care of your artwork is to have it professionally framed using quality materials. If your artwork is incorrectly framed it can deteriorate over time - we can advise you on the most appropriate frame for your artwork.

  • Consider framing your artwork with glass that offers UV protection - this will reduce the chances of your artwork discolouring or fading from exposure to light.

  • Colour mounts are often more distracting than enhancing and colours can be difficult to match with the space. If you do choose coloured mounts, make sure they are not in competition with the image.

  • A generous area between the image and the edge of the frame is desirable, but also beware: images can be lost amid over-sized mounts.

  • If you have a number of artworks in a room, try not to have too many types of frames - framing gives you the opportunity to unify diverse artworks within a space.

  • In general, a simple image looks best in a simple frame.

Installation and placement

  •  Don't hang your artwork in a position which receives direct sunlight. If the work is hung in a bright room, rest the work in a room that receives less light. Also keep artworks away from bright artificial light. Sunlight and fluorescent bulbs emit UV light which can cause colours to fade and papers to discolour.

  • Bathrooms and kitchens are not friendly places for works on paper, even if they are framed behind glass.

  • Be wary of hanging artworks, particularly works on paper, near a heat source, especially fireplaces - heat can buckle the paper, or soot can discolour the work.

Transport and storage

  • When moving an artwork, carry it by holding the string or wire attachment at the back of the frame or by holding the sides of the frame. Don't carry the work by the top of the frame as this will pull the frame away from the glass.

  • Handle works on paper with care. Use white gloves or ensure your hands are clean. When moving a work on paper use both hands on opposite sides of the sheet so the paper bows and does not buckle.

  • Unframed works on paper should be stored between acid-free tissue paper, preferably flat, and placed in a clean, dry place out of reach of heat, sunlight, cold or dampness.

  • Framed works on paper are in most cases "hinged" from the top to the back of the frame. Placing the work on its side will put stress on the hinges and the paper may come away from the mount. Framed works on paper should be stored in accordance with the orientation of the image.


  • To remove dust from paintings, use an electrostatic duster and run it gently across the surface of the painting.

  • Use Perspex cleaner on works protected by Perspex rather than a glass cleaner as these can eat into the surface of the Perspex.

  • Foxing is a fungus that affects paper and occurs particularly in humid environments. Framed work is not hermetically sealed - it absorbs the atmosphere of the room it occupies. If foxing appears, contact us immediately and we can help you attend to it.

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