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GEORGE MATOULAS - The Inventions of Man

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George Matoulas'  2012 exhibition is comprised of 30 works; it includes paintings, collographs, sculpture and woven wool.

He has created six large collographs to convey our understanding of the separation of continents over a 180 million year period, and to look curiously at our accepted version of mapping.

These sit beside a suite of small paintings and prints that are studies of individual objects.

Matoulas simplifies the depiction of objects, creating images that hover between the cultural neutrality and international symbolism of pictograms, (such as the images of the bay marker and the lighthouse), and the very local cultural expression of symbols such as hieroglyphs  (the hat, the iron and the orientation of Earth)

His images are narrative free, yet abound in associations; the warmth of colour and vigorous line stimulating our memories.

His works are full of the immediacy of the hand of the artist, but nonetheless are carefully measured in the balance of texture and colour.

They are carefully balanced too between a playful appreciation of the inventive drive of mankind and a most serious understanding of its destructive aggression. 

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