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We have moved: Chrysalis Gallery is currently relocating and is no longer at 179 Gipps Street East Melbourne. All contact should be via 0418 324 651. We will be announcing our new location shortly, like us on facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch.


Paintings by Jill Kempson ON SHOW NOW

Date: 14/06/12

The following Notes on the Paintings have been provided by Jill to accompany this small selection of paintings now on show at Chrysalis Gallery. Jill is currently workin on a series of paintings based on  for exhibition in the forthcoming year.

Parc de Saint Cloud (2008) & Parc de Sceaux (2008)

The Parc de Saint Cloud series are interpretations of the French photographer Eugene Atget’s photographs of Parc de Saint Cloud and Parc de Sceaux in the early 1900’s and my own experience of the Parks. The parks are located just outside of Paris and were designed in their later stages by the landscape architect Andre Le Notre. I was attracted by Le Notre’s eloquent design sense and the subtle tonalities and elusive moods of Atget’s photographs. The paintings have been titled after Atget’s titles of his photographs. 

 Pink Forrest (2009)

Pink Forrest comes from a walk through a very ancient Forrest in Norfolk where there were still remnants of the presence of Roman soldiers. I painted the Forrest in pinks so as to create an atmosphere of promise and mystery.

Where the Trees Meet (2010) & Mirrored Afternoon (2009)

The content of these two paintings are based on an exploration of Framingham Chase property owned by James Colman in Norfolk, which I visited in June 2008. There I was able to sit beside the lakes for hours on end without interruption, drawing and painting. This experience offered me the chance to explore themes that are always present in my work: Light, Earth, Sky and Water. It was with intense fascination that I was able to observe, absorb and note down the alluring atmosphere and stillness of nature once manicured left to run wild.

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