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We have moved: Chrysalis Gallery is currently relocating and is no longer at 179 Gipps Street East Melbourne. All contact should be via 0418 324 651. We will be announcing our new location shortly, like us on facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch.

JOHN WALLER at the Sofitel Foyer Gallery Melbourne October 2013

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Born in Melbourne in 1951, John Waller’s family moved to the rural town of Mildura 1956. It is the landscape of this bleached expanse between the Murray River and the desert in south-western New South Wales from which his work emanates. The artist, who as a child discovered Aboriginal remains of great antiquity, sees beyond the scene of his own youth in his appreciation of this landscape. Framed by the bustling modern town of Mildura in the south, and the ancient archeological site of Lake Mungo to the north, this plain has witnessed the cycle of human toil for fifty thousand years. Hence, packed with emptiness, the wheat and ochre-coloured world of Waller's works often contains the blurry spectral form of passing humanity in mid-field. ‘In the tradition of New York Abstract 
Expressionist art, Waller explores the infinite 
gestural and expressive possibilities of his chosen 
medium. Layer upon layer his works evolve and 
transform, almost organically in response to the 
primal qualities of paint and process.’ 
Dr Alana O’Brien, La Trobe University Art Museum, 2006 

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